Detailed Program

Mon 14 Oct Graduate Consortium
Tue 15 Oct Main Technical Program
Wed 16 Oct
Thu 17 Oct
Fri 18 Oct Blocks and Beyond Workshop

Tuesday, October 15

9:00–9:15 Conference Opening Judith Good, Chris Bogart and Scott Fleming

9:15–10:30 Keynote 1

Designing and Debugging with Electronic Textiles: Diversifying Participation and Deepening Learning in K-12 Computer Science Education Yasmin B. Kafai

10:30–11:00 Break

11:00–12:15 Papers 1 Session Chair: TBA

The Long Tail: Understanding the Discoverability of API Functionality Amber Horvath, Sachin Grover, Sihan Dong, Emily Zhou, Finn Voichick, Mary Beth Kery, Shwetha Shinju, Daye Nam, Mariann Nagy and Brad Myers

A Hierarchical Task Assignment for Manual Image Labeling Chia-Ming Chang, Siddharth Deepak Mishra and Takeo Igarashi

Designing Curated Conversation-Driven Explanations for Communicating Complex Technical Concepts April Wang and Parmit Chilana

12:15–2:00 Lunch

2:00–3:15 Papers 2 Session Chair: TBA

Characterizing Developer Use of Automatically Generated Patches José Pablo Cambronero, Jiasi Shen, Jürgen Cito, Elena Glassman and Martin Rinard

Effects of Code Representation on Student Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Programming Jeremiah Blanchard, Christina Gardner-McCune and Lisa Anthony

Investigating the Essential of Meaningful Automated Formative Feedback for Programming Assignments Qiang Hao, Jack Wilson, Camille Ottaway, Naitra Iriumi, Kai Hicks and David Smith

3:15–3:45 Break

3:45–5:00 Papers 3 Session Chair: TBA

The Ceptre Editor: A Structure Editor for System Simulation Alexander Card and Chris Martens

Software Developers Learning Machine Learning: Motivations, Hurdles, and Desires Carrie Cai and Philip Guo

Blocks4DS: A Scaffolded Block-Based Learning Environment for Hierarchical Data Structures Pedro Guillermo Feijóo-García, Sishun Wang, Ju Cai, Naga Polavarapu, Christina Gardner-McCune and Eric Ragan

5:00–6:00 Break

6:00–9:00 Showpieces Reception

Wednesday, October 16

9:15–10:30 Papers 4 Session Chair: TBA

To Code or Not to Code? Programming in Introductory CS Courses Jennifer Parham-Mocello, Martin Erwig and Emily Dominguez

Reproducibility and Scientific Programming David Widder, Joshua Sunshine and Stephen Fickas

End-User Programmers Repurposing End-User Programming Tools to Foster Diversity in Adult End-User Programming Education Sean Kross and Philip Guo

10:30–11:00 Break

11:00–12:15 Papers 5 Session Chair: TBA

Hiring is Broken: What Do Developers Say About Technical Interviews? Mahnaz Behroozi, Chris Parnin and Titus Barik

An Exploratory Study of Live-Streamed Programming Abdulaziz Alaboudi and Thomas D. LaToza

Remote Pair-Programming in Online CS Education: Investigating through a Gender Lens Sandeep Kuttal, Kevin Gerstner and Alexandra Bejarano

12:15–2:00 Lunch

2:00–3:15 Papers 6 Session Chair: TBA

Active Documentation: Helping Developers Follow Design Decisions Sahar Mehrpour, Thomas D. LaToza and Rahul K. Kindi

Towards a Model of API Learning Caitlin Kelleher and Michelle Ichinco

XLBlocks: a Block-Based Formula Editor for Spreadsheets Bas Jansen and Felienne Hermans

3:15–3:45 Break

3:45–5:00 Papers 7 Session Chair: TBA

From GenderMag to InclusiveMag: An Inclusive Design Meta-Method Christopher Mendez, Lara Letaw, Margaret Burnett, Simone Stumpf, Anita Sarma and Claudia Hilderbrand

Simultaneous multiple representation editing environment for primary school education Žiga Leber, Matej Črepinšek and Tomaž Kosar

Code Quality Improvement For All: Automated Refactoring for Scratch Peeratham Techapalokul and Eli Tilevich

5:00–6:30 Break

6:30–9:30 Banquet and Awards

Thursday, October 17

9:00–10:15 Keynote 2

Toward Accessible Graphics and Visualization Andreas Stefik

10:15–10:45 Break

10:45–12:00 Papers 8 Session Chair: TBA

Open-Ended Novice Programming Behaviors and their Implications for Supporting Learning Michelle Ichinco and Caitlin Kelleher

Towards an Empirically-Based IDE: An Analysis of Code Size and Screen Space Adam Short and Austin Henley

Studying the Benefits and Challenges of Immersive Dataflow Programming Lei Zhang and Steve Oney

12:00–1:45 Lunch

1:45–3:00 Papers 9 Session Chair: TBA

Reaching Out to Diverse Learners with Non-Formal Workshops on Computing Concepts and Skills Joslenne Pena and Mary Beth Rosson

Instrument Designs for Validating Cross-Language Behavioral Differences Nischal Shrestha and Chris Parnin

Editable AI: Mixed Human-AI Authoring of Code Patterns Kartik Chugh, Andrea Y. Solis and Thomas D. LaToza

3:00–3:30 Break

3:30–4:45 Papers 10 Session Chair: TBA

Unmixing Remixes: The How and Why of Not Starting Projects from Scratch Prapti Khawas, Peeratham Techapalokul and Eli Tilevich

Co-Located Collaborative Block-Based Programming Ben Selwyn-Smith, Craig Anslow, Michael Homer and Jim Wallace


4:45–5:00 Conference Closing Judith Good, Chris Bogart and Scott Fleming